REEVO starts partnership with Spribe

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REEVO starts partnership with Spribe

REEVO, a thriving B2B company, has forged a powerful alliance with Spribe, renowned as an esteemed provider and mastermind behind the beloved ‘Aviator’ crash game.

Through this partnership, Spribe will seamlessly involve its amazing and upcoming content with the REEVO aggregation platform. As a result, a broad array of REEVO’s casino companions will have the chance to delight their users with Spribe’s groundbreaking gaming content, offering an enticing selection of innovative experiences.

When it comes to crash-style and turbo games, Spribe is at the vanguard, paving the way with game-changing works like Aviator. Additionally, they provide a staggering selection of slot, skill, and poker game titles, demonstrating their expertise across numerous gaming subgenres.

The Head of Sales at REEVO, Petra Maria Poola said:

Announcing another well-established partnership with the exceptional Spribe team, is amazing for us, especially considering the tremendous global popularity of their flagship game, Aviator. The provider continues to impress with their consistent production of hit titles, making them an ideal partner for us. This partnership will give our prestigious casino network access to a huge variety of Spribe content. Alongside this, they will also gain access to an extensive selection of top-performing games across every category in the casino realm, including live casino, slots, turbo games, and instant-win experiences. This comprehensive collection ensures that players will enjoy a diverse and captivating gaming experience.

David Natroshvili, Co-founder of Spribe, expressed enthusiasm:

A significant turning point in the evolution of the iGaming sector has been reached with the agreement between REEVO and Spribe. Together, we are set to revolutionize the landscape and bring about an exciting new era. We are excited to present Spribe’s incredible range of high-performance games, which, as a result of our partnership, are prepared to transform the gaming experience. Our shared vision is to empower our companions and create a thriving network of gaming enthusiasts. By suggesting Spribe’s neoteric games, we have a goal to captivate and delight players like never before, setting a new standard in the iGaming world. This companionship is our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping the industry for the better.

Meanwhile, Having two new releases every month, REEVO is not only creating its own exclusive games at an astounding rate but is also actively incorporating a wide range of recognized suppliers in the sector. Via a unified API integration, REEVO ensures its casino companions get access to a comprehensive range of content, guaranteeing a rich and varied selection for their players.



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