Relax Gaming partnership with Trigger Studios

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Relax Gaming partnership with Trigger Studios

Trigger Studios, an emerging game creator committed to crafting captivating experiences that exhilarate players, has recently formed a companionship with Relax Gaming, the acclaimed iGaming supplier of extraordinary gaming.

In fact, Trigger Studiosexceptional titles will be accessible to users through Relax’s esteemed Silver Bullet platform.

With its inception last year, Trigger Studios aims to develop games that mesmerize users, providing them with an adrenalineinducing adventure. Their primary objective revolves around designing visually striking slot games that push the boundaries of innovation, introducing groundbreaking mechanics that leave a lasting impression.

Introducing the thrilling new release from Trigger Studios: Phoenix Up Cash. This captivating slot, inspired by the majestic phoenix, immerses players in a scorching hot visual experience, igniting their anticipation with its striking aesthetics and exhilarating atmosphere with each spin.

One standout feature of Phoenix Up Cash is its innovative offering of free rounds. During gameplay, players encounter a special symbol on the reels that acts as a trigger for free spins. This unique mechanic is specifically cultivated to sustain the delight and thrill throughout the gameplay, creating anticipation until the moment players are rewarded with an enhanced free spins amount.

Through this companionship, Trigger Studios gains availability to Relax Gaming’s huge network of toptier operators, enabling them to showcase their creations to a wide audience. This collaboration also grants Trigger Studios the advantage of Relax’s unparalleled speed to market, ensuring that their games reach a vast and eager audience promptly after release, maximizing their engagement and impact.

Shelley Hannah, Director of Casino Products at Relax Gaming, mentioned:

Popular for their oneofakind titles that captivate audiences, Trigger Studios has solidified its position as an industry pioneer. The inclusion of Trigger Studios as our latest partner in the esteemed Silver Bullet program is a remarkable achievement. We are confident that operators will be excited to present the brand’s extraordinary collection of games, given their reputation for delivering immersive experiences that truly resonate with players.

In expressing his pride, Job Spiero, Cofounder of Trigger Studios, shared his enthusiasm about being selected to join the prestigious Silver Bullet content program. This recognition from Relax Gaming, acknowledging the advanced mathematics and concepts behind Trigger Studiosgames, serves as a true testament to the studio’s excellence.

At Trigger Studios, our mission is to exhilarate players and ensure that every moment is filled with excitement. Our company strives to transport players to new realms within the gaming experience. To achieve this, Trigger Studios has developed intricate and stimulating mathematical models that elevate their content, keeping players fully engaged while eagerly anticipating the next captivating event in the game.

Relax Gaming has firmly secured its position as a prominent B2B supplier in the industry, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence. The company’s relentless pursuit of quality has garnered widespread recognition, evident through a multitude of prestigious accolades.

With an extensive portfolio boasting over 4K online casino games, Relax Gaming offers a huge and versatile array of own slots known for their exceptional performance. Additionally, their partnership programs allow them to curate an impressive selection of handpicked thirdparty studio content, further enhancing the variety and quality of their offerings.

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