Relax Gaming Silver Bullet portfolio enriched with AvatarUX

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Relax Gaming Silver Bullet portfolio enriched with AvatarUX

Relax Gaming, a well-known company that brings together different kinds of games for people to play online, has joined hands with AvatarUX.

This partnership means that the Silver Bullet platform will now offer exciting new games and creative ways to play.

AvatarUX, a game-making group that started creating games in 2019, has become really popular because of its unique slot games. These games use a special method called PopWinsTM that players really enjoy. This method even won a big award for being the best game idea in 2023.

Recently, AvatarUX came up with more ideas like MultiPopTM and StickyPopTM, which are twists on their PopWinsTM method. This has made them even more popular, and they’re considered one of the most exciting new brands in the gaming industry. They want to keep making games that are even more fun and exciting.

AvatarUX is known for being creative and making games that look amazing, have cool features, and use clever math ideas. They’re starting this partnership by releasing a game called LooneyPopTM, which is light-hearted and fun. This new game will be available to people who use Relax Gaming’s network of game websites.

Shelley Hannah, Chief Product Officer at Relax Gaming, said:

AvatarUX has been consistently making special games and methods that players really enjoy, and they’re becoming a top name in coming up with new ideas. We’re really happy to have them join our Silver Bullet team, and we’re sure game websites will be excited to offer their collection of games to players.

Nicola Longmuir, CEO at AvatarUX, said:

Relax Gaming is a very respected group that brings together different kinds of content in the gaming world, and this partnership is a big achievement for us. Working together will let us reach more places where gaming is controlled by rules, and it will also help us get into new markets and reach out to players we haven’t before.

AvatarUX got recognized for their good work by winning awards. In 2022, they were praised as an up-and-coming slot game maker, and in 2023, they got two more awards for their games.

Because of this partnership with Relax Gaming, people will be able to play AvatarUX’s games on many different gaming websites. AvatarUX will also be able to release their games to lots of players really quickly. This is great because many people will get to enjoy their games right after they’re released.

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