S. Hammon as Relax Gaming’s new CEO

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S. Hammon as Relax Gaming’s new CEO

Relax Gaming B2B multi-product provider made a new appointment –  Simon Hammon as the CEO.

Before Hammon, Tommi Maijala used to be the brand’s CEO where he worked for the last 3 years, starting from 2019. Maijala is going to still take care of his responsibilities till the end of this year.

Prior to joining Relax, Hammon worked for NetEnt, where he took on the role of product manager and the CPO. Then at the beginning of 2018 he joined the provider company where he served again as CPO.

“During the past few years our company has grown a lot and as a result we present high quality products in the market. The company’s strength is based on its employees and I am honored to have a team of workers who love their work and want to see Relax at its best,”

highlighted Hammon.

Later he added that the brand has grown in terms of people, marketing and brand, and he cannot wait to help them in that process. Relax is full of potential and a great future ahead.

“Relax keeps expanding and Hammon is the ideal professional to be leading our team as he has skills, expertise and knowledge. We also want to thank Maijala who played an important role in leading the company during perhaps the most important years of our brand.”

commented P. Österåker, the chairperson of the group.