Salsa Technology launches Salsa Safe for iGaming regulators

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Salsa Technology launches Salsa Safe for iGaming regulators

Salsa Technology announced the expansion of its suite of offerings for the iGaming sector with the introduction of a new product, namely Salsa Safe.

This recent addition, named Salsa Safe, is a safe system meticulously crafted to meet the stringent requirements set by worldwide known controlling bodies in the iGaming domain.

Salsa Safe suggests a cutting-edge solution that satisfies regulatory organisations, encompassing state lotteries in Brazil. It enables effective and fair operation monitoring by seamlessly integrating casino management data.

Beyond serving as a crucial ally for controlling bodies, Salsa Safe equips casinos with the necessary tools to adhere to all regulatory mandates. This proactive approach aids in preventing fraud, safeguarding players, and championing responsible gaming practices.

The software is specifically made to monitor dubious bets, monitor self-exclusion trends, and closely monitor data in order to elevate the standard for ethical gambling.  By incorporating crucial indications such as transaction volume by casino, tax calculations, and compliance model application, Salsa Safe streamlines management reports. It’s interesting to note that the product is completely integrated with PIX, the primary payment method in Brazil.

Andre Filipe Neves, COO at Salsa Technology, mentioned:

We are thrilled to present our new offering, an innovative solution that goes beyond expectations. This all-encompassing platform not only equips iGaming regulating bodies with essential tools for managing casino operations but also supports casinos in meeting the rigorous requirements set by regulatory authorities.

Setting itself apart, Salsa Safe adopts a distinctive strategy in data management by consolidating information from various sources. This holistic approach supplier regulators with an overview of operations. The platform’s user-friendly interface and innovative reporting features simplify the process of monitoring operations, fixing fraudulent activities, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Salsa Technology excels in providing comprehensive solutions for the iGaming industry. The company furnishes operators with a reliable, diversified, optimized platform that seamlessly integrates with ...