SIS and bet365 launch Fixed Odds Horse Racing in Colorado

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SIS and bet365 launch Fixed Odds Horse Racing in Colorado

SIS Content Services, a division of the SIS (Sports Information Services) Group, renowned as the premier supplier of 24/7 live betting services, has reached a groundbreaking agreement with its longstanding partner, bet365.

This agreement will see SIS delivering its esteemed global horse racing content to bettors in Colorado, marking the introduction of fixed-odds horse racing wagering to a licensed sports betting platform in the United States for the first time.

The authorization of fixed-odds wagering on horse racing within Colorado’s sportsbooks is poised to broaden the sport’s appeal to a wider spectrum of casual bettors. This initiative ensures that horse racing will be offered the same type of betting as other sports, heralding positive developments for various stakeholders in Colorado, including Bally’s Arapahoe Park and the Colorado Horsemen’s Association, as a portion of the turnover is allocated to support Colorado horse racing.

With an array of betting opportunities available around the clock, SIS presents an extensive horse racing portfolio encompassing nearly 140 international and domestic racetracks. Notable upcoming events include the prestigious Saudi Cup day on February 24th, featuring top American horses competing for a staggering US$33.5 million in purses. Following this, the spotlight shifts to the Dubai World Cup meeting on March 24th, offering US$30.5 million in purses. SIS also offers year-round coverage of racing from 14 countries, including Ireland, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and the United States.

Michele Fischer, Vice President, SIS Content Services, said:

The introduction of fixed-odds horse racing betting within Colorado sportsbooks marks a significant milestone, placing horse racing on par with other sports while potentially drawing in new fans and revenue streams for our racetrack partners. This represents a crucial initial stride towards broadening the horse racing audience, and I extend my appreciation to the Colorado horse racing stakeholders, the Colorado Division of Gaming, and bet365 for their forward-thinking approach and support. With its captivating year-round 24/7 content available globally, horse racing offers sportsbooks an enticing addition to their offerings. While the process may take time to gain traction in the US, I anticipate that more sports wagering operators and states will recognize the value of including horse racing in their sports catalogs.

Shannon Ruston, Executive Director of Operations & Racing at Bally’s Arapahoe Park, said:

We are delighted to introduce fixed-odds wagering for horse racing within Colorado sportsbooks. Through collaboration with SIS, we’ve established a commercial framework that not only supports local racing but also provides sportsbooks with access to a vast array of races. We firmly believe that this advancement will pave the way for a brighter future, not just for Arapahoe Park, but for the entire racing ecosystem in Colorado.

Kim Oliver, President of the Colorado Horsemen’s Association, said:

We are dedicated to ensuring the economic sustainability of horse racing in Colorado, particularly for the owners and trainers who form the bedrock of the sport. Fixed-odds betting is poised to generate a fresh revenue stream and increase exposure for horse racing. This launch marks a pivotal moment for our organization.

A bet365 spokesperson, said:

The rollout of fixed-odds horse racing betting is poised to bring about a positive transformation in Colorado. Drawing from the success of fixed-odds betting in horse racing across other markets, we anticipate that as sports betting becomes increasingly integrated throughout the US, it will undoubtedly amplify engagement levels.

SIS provides sportsbooks with a comprehensive horse racing solution, comprising live-streamed video coupled with betting triggers, race day data, and an extensive array of markets and odds prices. This integrated approach ensures seamless betting experiences for users, solidifying SIS’s position as a leading provider in the field.


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