SIS delivers new greyhound racing schedule for 2024

  • Monday 6 November, 2023
SIS delivers new greyhound racing schedule for 2024

The initial 2024 SIS Greyhound schedule has been released by SIS, a leading provider of live wagering services around-the-clock, and it looks amazing with at least 42 weekly games in the UK and Ireland.

This fresh schedule features thrilling races at two of the most active open tracks in the circuit, namely Oxford and Towcester. Except for early morning events, the program is set up with two meetings in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evening, each with 12 races as the normal format.

Modifications in the rights environment and the number of greyhounds have permitted SIS to increase versatility in scheduling without compromising its dedication to providing top-notch content that grows customer satisfaction.

Managing Director at SIS, Paul Witten mentioned:

Our top priority while creating our updated calendar for 2024 was to accommodate greyhound tracks run by passionate enthusiasts who have a deep interest in the sport. We firmly believe that our strategy is logical, sustainable, and a step in the right direction for the sector. We expect to make small changes to the timetable as it develops to better accommodate the locations of trainers and greyhounds on the various tracks. Our ability to provide a program that meets the changing demands of the wagering business is made possible by this increased flexibility.

SIS has established long-standing cooperations with leading casinos in the industry to distribute its greyhound content in the region. Furthermore, SIS expands its reach to numerous global casinos, making sure that the SIS schedule will captivate audiences worldwide.

A smooth and engaging wagering experience is guaranteed by SIS’ all-inclusive 24/7 live racing material, comprising constantly-streamed images, data, on-screen graphics, wagering triggers, and a wide diapason of markets and odds.


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