SIS starts partnership with Betsson on eSports offerings

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SIS starts partnership with Betsson on eSports offerings

Sports Information Services (SIS), a prominent provider of round-the-clock live wagering services across multiple channels, has recently reached an agreement with Betsson to offer its Competitive Gaming solution for eSports wagering.

Betsson has seamlessly incorporated SIS’s comprehensive sought-after solution, prioritizing engagement, to ensure exceptional profit margins are consistently delivered throughout the day.

By securing this recent partnership, SIS further solidifies its position as a top-tier provider in the realm of eSports betting. This collaboration with a prominent brand adds to the growing list of operators, such as bet365 and Spreadex, who have successfully integrated Competitive Gaming into their offerings.

Dave Richardson, the UK and EU Sales Manager for SIS, mentioned in his speech:

Our team is excited to see yet another esteemed operator placing their trust in our eSports suggestions, validating the extensive efforts invested in developing a resilient product that consistently engages bettors. The increasing interest shown by operators worldwide in SIS Competitive Gaming underscores the appeal of our comprehensive great solution for enhancing the eSports wagering practice. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Betsson to unlock the full prospects of such a rapidly expanding market segment.

Distinguishing itself from other eSports content, Competitive Gaming stands out as the sole option for sportsbooks that incorporates ESIC-trained referees who oversee all games. This meticulous monitoring is complemented by live commentary and on-screen graphics, such as exclusive wagering prompts, delivering a comprehensive and immersive experience to users.


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