SIS to add Italian horse racing to its offerings

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SIS to add Italian horse racing to its offerings

SIS will be partnering with IRw and Media System Technologies to enhance its catalog of offerings.

Through the new contract, SIS’s immense catalog of nearly 70 thousand live horse racing events per year will be joined by nearly 1500 new races. This will greatly diversify the firm’s offerings and will present a sizable expansion to its portfolio.

SIS will be broadcasting events, as well as supplying auxiliary data, such as graphical elements and wagering data, from all over the country.

This latest expansion to our catalog of top-quality horse racing content is a testament to our commitment to delivering a diverse set of wagering opportunities to our associates and their bettors. As the sport is gaining traction in Italy, we are certain that players will be quite fond of our newly added events.

remarked SIS’s Head of International Horse Racing, Conall McSorley.

We are delighted to be partnering with SIS to expand the reach of our products and to boost horse racing in the country. This contract will help us grow our offerings and will provide players all around the world with entertaining wagering opportunities.

commented the Head of Business Development and Operations at MST, Michele Rosi.

This new deal will massively expand the audience of our horse racing events and will represent a sizable boost to the sport. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with our two partners.

stated the President of the IRw, Elio Pautasso.


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