Slotegrator expands on how aggregators benefit operators

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Slotegrator expands on how aggregators benefit operators

Slotegrator talks about how and why iGaming aggregators assist operators.

One of the most important parts required to achieve success as an operator is a catalog of engaging and fun games. Additionally, operators need to have easy and convenient payment options to facilitate transactions quickly and reliably. Combine those major aspects with numerous smaller ones, and running an iGaming operation can quickly become a difficult and tedious task. However, Slotegrator says that doesn’t need to happen thanks to aggregators.

Aggregators are companies that partner with various software developers and offer a large catalog of products produced by a number of developers. They can provide everything needed by a partner with one simple integration. Aggregators usually offer a platform that allows an operator to easily see what they’re getting and even adjust some parameters.

Working with aggregators has a number of advantages compared to sourcing content, payment systems and other solutions directly. Let’s explore two of the most prominent ones.

Firstly, aggregators ensure technical compatibility. They integrate and ensure that a number of different services work together and share data correctly. When sourcing services directly an operator will have to check for compatibility for each one individually which is time consuming and tedious. Furthermore, adding new products to the list may sometimes break previously working apps, leading to more time loss and headaches.

Secondly, aggregators can provide operational support. As they ensure compatibility of their products and may sometimes make modifications with the developers, aggregators will have a lot of knowledge of the services they supply. They will be able to provide support for any individual apps, and more importantly, for the entire package.

In conclusion, for a small fee aggregators can massively speed up and improve the workflow of an operator, especially one that’s just starting out. They offer a number of useful services that make life easier for their partners.


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