Slotegrator is presenting Wheel of Fortune

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Slotegrator is presenting Wheel of Fortune

Slotegrator, a leading provider of iGaming solutions, has lately incorporated an amazing addition – “Wheel of Fortune.”

This advanced and soughtafter bonus feature represents itself a wheel separated into various sectors, with different types of prizes that users can potentially win. Inspired by the timeless mechanics of roulette, players spin the wheel, relying on their luck to seize rewarding chances.

Having a userfriendly backend, operators have the flexibility to configure the wheel according to their preferences. There is a way to fix the number of segments (226), choose the segment, and even adjust the probability of victories. This comprehensive customization empowers casinos to tailor the practice to their specific requirements.

Furthermore, there are a few additional crucial elements that can be configured:

  1. Payout Currency: Operators have the flexibility to determine the currency in which players receive their winnings, ensuring compatibility with their target audience.
  2. Display of Winning Odds: Operators can choose to either openly showcase the odds to generate attraction among players or keep them concealed, adding an air of intrigue to the gameplay.
  3. Prize Type: Operators can decide whether players will be rewarded with cash prizes or smaller, nonmonetary rewards, allowing for a creative user experience.
  4. Bet Limits: The wagering limits can be set according to the casino’s requirements, ensuring responsible gambling practices and catering to different player preferences.
  5. Appearance Frequency: Operators have the option to control the frequency at which the wheel is displayed. It can be configured to appear once, a limited number of times, or even indefinitely, providing flexibility in designing the player’s overall gaming experience.
  6. Appearance Schedule: Casinos can implement a schedule for the wheel’s appearance, allowing them to strategically control the player’s engagement by restricting its presence to specific days or timeframes.
  7. Customization: The wheel can be seamlessly cultivated to incorporate the casinosunique branding elements, fostering a cohesive and immersive casino environment that aligns with their overall identity and theme.

Operators are provided with helpful tips throughout every stage of the setup process, granting them complete authority over the entire configuration. This ensures that operators have full control and can customize each project with an extensive range of bonuses, accommodating various gameplay structures.

The COO of Slotegrator, Dmytro Taran mentioned:

Our objective was to assist casinos in boosting the intensity of their gaming content. The key advantage lies in the comprehensive customization options available, giving the operators a chance to gain more players, foster their engagement, and cultivate loyalty to the casino. By implementing various control points, we target creating an environment that pushes forward safer gambling, while simultaneously enhancing the gamification aspect of the project. We also believe that these enhancements will not only contribute to a more abundant user experience but also lead to increased revenue generation for casinos.

Slotegrator’s online casino platform offers the opportunity to give new types of bonuses, which is important for the audiences. By this, they can empower casinos to make better user practices. An upcoming version of this extra solution, which will include three different wheel kinds, is currently being cultivated by the company’s devoted team. Operators will enjoy the freedom to personalize the animations and design to align with their brand identity, and they will even have the option to incorporate captivating wheel animations, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.


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