Slotegrator on the importance of data in updated module

  • Tuesday 11 October, 2022
Slotegrator on the importance of data in updated module

Slotegrator talks about data, as they have recently updated their gambling platform which makes extensive use of it.

Fraud is one of the biggest challenges of running a business in the industry. No one can escape it, thus it is important to implement sufficient measures against it. One of the most useful tools in the fight against fraudulent and malicious actors is data. The iGaming provider Slotegrator dives deep into the topic, as their recently updated gambling platform and its fraud detection module use data extensively.

Nowadays there is a lot of useful data to be harnessed pretty much everywhere. Gambling firms collect a lot of it in their day-to-day operations, and even are required to collect some types of data, such as identifying documents and proofs of income, in a lot of regulated markets.

Additionally, operators also collect market data. They use this data for mainly business development purposes, such as to assess which jurisdictions are underserved or which ones have potential, though it can also be useful for anti-fraud measures.

There are a lot of ways to get useful data, however, all this data needs to get parsed. Slotegrator’s modern interface enables operators to get a plethora of easy to understand statistics from an unintelligible pile of data, in addition to automatically acting in case any suspicious activity is detected. It lists many important metrics such as gross and net revenues, player conversion rates, churn rates and much more. All the numbers and graphs generated by it are instrumental in running an online gambling operation.

Lastly, Slotegrator’s cutting edge solutions are also great for detecting and countering problem gambling. Everything from addictions to the underage gambling can be detected with the provider’s platform. Moreover, the interface will also notify the operator about any suspicious patterns, in addition to automatically blocking malicious actors.


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