Slotegrator overviews the iGaming trends of the year

  • Wednesday 30 November, 2022
Slotegrator overviews the iGaming trends of the year

As the gambling industry keeps growing, it becomes more and more important to keep up with the field’s trends that set the early adopters apart from the competition.

The industry has always been an excellent place for innovations to shine, as it is rapidly changing and evolving every year. The upcoming year is going to continue this trend and even keep pushing it further as the industry keeps expanding its horizons.

According to Slotegrator’s business intel division, there are going to be a number of main trends in the iGaming industry in 2023.

First off, the company’s team reports about payment ecosystems. Due to a number of factors, such as the recent collapse of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX, many industry professionals believe that interest in crypto will decrease. However, Slotegrator thinks that early adopters of the technology are unlikely to forgo the benefits of crypto despite the downturns, as any moment the values of various cryptocurrencies can shoot up due to its volatile nature.

Mobile PhoneSecondly, we have mobile gaming. The vertical has seen tremendous amounts of growth over the past years, and is projected to keep that momentum for the foreseeable future. A large part of this is new players, a large portion of which prefer having their entertainment accessible anywhere they go. Slotegrator is perfectly prepared for this trend with their Telegram Casino solution, which is already being sought after by many players and operators around the world.

The next trend is the rapid expansion of new types of games. iGaming operators can no longer please all of their customers with just slot games, as many other games have rapidly expanded in popularity over the years. Additionally, countless providers are experimenting with completely unheard of game types that have the potential of becoming fan-favorites, which is another thing operators will not want to miss out on.

Next up, there is the continued development of live dealer titles. This genre exploded in popularity in the midst of the pandemic, as it offered an experience resembling that of a retail gambling establishment from the comfort of the player’s home. However, despite the restrictions being largely entirely lifted in a lot of places around the world, live casino games have not slowed down much. The genre represents a lot of opportunities for both established iGaming operators and retail businesses looking to expand in the online vertical. Live casino offerings are really picking up steam in a Retail Gamblingnumber of growing markets, such as Eastern Europe and Africa, although they are expanding in established markets as well.

Tying in nicely with the previous point, the decline of retail gambling is up next. With the process of starting an online casino becoming so easy and streamlined, players are overwhelmed with easily accessible entertainment options on the internet. In a market that’s more skewed to the online vertical, the retail one is expected to keep slowing down. This will be beneficial for operators as well, as online casinos offer many opportunities that retail establishments just can’t, such as the ability to operate internationally with minimal barriers to entry.

Lastly, we have the expansion of stream wagering. While this genre is still in its earlier stages, it has a lot of potential for operators. Additionally, it has the opportunity to increase the general public’s confidence in wagering in eSports, which can open up other doors for the industry.

Other trends that will have a smaller impact on the industry will involve virtual reality technologies and the infamous metaverse, though many people are split on these topics at this time.


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