Soft2Bet joins forces with BeyondPlay

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Soft2Bet joins forces with BeyondPlay

Soft2Bet, a prominent B2B supplier known for its advanced iGaming solutions, is set to elevate its product offerings by incorporating groundbreaking features and capabilities developed in collaboration with BeyondPlay.

By joining forces with BeyondPlay, Soft2Bet gains access to a multifunctional jackpot tool designed for sought-after jackpot management, as well as an enthralling multiplayer software that gives captivating multiplayer entertainment practices within a thriving network.

This collaboration has sparked a great deal of interest and is seen as an appropriate prospect for Soft2Bet to improve its consumers’ practices.

Soft2Bet’s Gaming and BD Chief, Daniel Mitton mentioned:

BeyondPlay is one of the first users of these technologies, we were honored to work with Soft2Bet on this project. We are certain that our collaboration will be fruitful because we have similar goals in mind for enhancing user experience and increasing their involvement.

BeyondPlay’s COO, Jacqui Gatt-Ryhed mentioned:

Our team is dazed to establish a powerhouse with Soft2Bet as one of the first users of the remarkable BeyondPlay services. Having a mutual commitment to enriching user practices and driving increased engagement, we have full confidence that our collaboration with Soft2Bet will be a resounding success.

Soft2Bet intends to greatly increase user acquisition and retention and get useful insights into its player community by integrating a number of fresh and breathtaking features into its products. The collaboration with BeyondPlay is expected to yield remarkable results, propelling Soft2Bet to new heights in the iGaming industry.




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