SOFTSWISS anti-fraud team helps operators save €16m+ in 2022

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SOFTSWISS anti-fraud team helps operators save €16m+ in 2022

Gaming software provider SOFTSWISS, helped its operators to save more than 16 million euros with its Managed Service Anti-Fraud team.

The company, which specializes in providing winning solutions in the industry, has already exposed its Anti-Fraud team’s performance records, along with the company’s Managed Services.

Last year, SOFTSWISS professionals helped the company’s partners to preserve 16 million euros (14% more than last year). This was done due to their expert advisory and result-driven approach.

More than 61000 requests concerning about 200 projects were being worked on. In addition, these numbers brought a 53% increase in the yearly record. Consequently, the customers of the iGaming provider company noticed immense savings in their bank accounts. Moreover, in last year’s fourth quarter, those savings were almost doubled when compared to the first quarter of the same year. This talks only about an attractive 88% of growth.

The Anti-Fraud team has seen undeniable success. More than 70% of all fraud came to an end. Furthermore, a huge fraud center became crypto, as the anonymous and out-of-control nature of the virtual money gives the fraudsters a suitable space to implement their sharp practices. From that time, crypto was considered a “fragile” matter and needed strict control from the SOFTSWISS’ Anti-Fraud team.

The team’s head, Ilya Nesterau mentioned in his speech that they had an enormously affirmative working year, as they could reach huge successes in the fight against the industry’s fraud.

We have an enlarging team, and we expect it to double this year, and this is due to our experts, becoming an inseparable part of the industry. In a close working relationship with the Research and Development team, detecting new fraud alerts is the main focus of our teams. Together we work more constructively, we make deep studies starting from neural networks and ending with machines. We identify our target, and move towards it,

added the team lead.

During the last year, the company’s Ati-Fraud team acquired many core certificates, which include 2 ACFE and 2 GamCare certificates, and one DPP/DPM certificate.
Moreover, SOFTSWISS Managed Services has an across-the-board solution provider called Dedicated Anti-Fraud Support, providing customers with all the insights to achieve iGaming brand development.

At the convergence of the player and the platform, Managed Services offer comprehensive player care services. In addition to enhancing the user experience and detecting technical glitches, the team assists clients in enhancing their financial performance and safeguarding their businesses against fraudulent activities.