SOFTSWISS Casino Platform launches Team Tournaments

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SOFTSWISS Casino Platform launches Team Tournaments

Team Tournaments is the latest unique feature on SOFTSWISS’s innovative Casino Platform.

The leading iGaming aggregator SOFTSWISS has recently announced about the release of their Casino Platform’s latest feature that enables player competitions, Team Tournaments. It will increase customer engagement by allowing players to compete and form teams with one another.

The new feature is an extension to the Tournaments element and will soon be available to all customers of the Casino Platform. It allows up to ten teams in a casino, with each one having a predetermined amount of players. The user allocation function will be customizable, allowing operators to choose how to evenly distribute players among the ten teams.

One of the biggest features of the new Team Tournaments is its increased player winning possibility. A few players can lose their bet yet still win as a team, as the wins and losses are distributed among the users in the group.

Lastly, the new feature is expected to increase player engagement by a significant margin. According to SOFTSWISS’s internal research, it is estimated to increase the count and sum of player deposits by up to 20% and 100% respectively.

We are delighted to announce our latest feature complementing our Casino Platform, Team Tournaments. We are quite excited to see its rollout with our clients, as our internal study showed that it will greatly increase customer satisfaction and the operator’s performance. It will engage players with and against each other, making it a unique and in-demand experience. We are working on keeping our new feature up to date and are looking forward to adding new quirks to it to make it even better.

commented one of the product owners at SOFTSWISS’s Casino Platform, Anna Loiko.