SOFTSWISS introduces Aggregator and Sportsbook integration

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SOFTSWISS introduces Aggregator and Sportsbook integration

The Game Aggregation and Sportsbook services offered by SOFTSWISS have received cross-integration, allowing them to work together seamlessly.

The leading iGaming provider SOFTSWISS has recently announced about a cross-integration between its high quality media aggregation and sportsbook solutions that will allow operators to integrate both effortlessly. The move reinforces the company’s portfolio of products and offers a new service comprised of multiple solutions.

The new offering has quite a few advantages, namely the ease and speed of setup. With the combined deal an operator will have to integrate and manage only one framework with one user interface.

Initially there were internal doubts that the combination would work, as casino games and betting have vastly different session times. Despite the uncertainties, the professional team at SOFTSWISS went ahead and delivered a high quality product.

This move opened a door towards a new phase of product development at SOFTSWISS, as they aim to integrate their products with each other to speed up integrations and make the user experience as straightforward as possible.

We are quite proud of our accomplishment as we strive towards integrating our solutions together to offer a feature rich experience. We aim to make all our products as versatile and fully featured as our casino platform to offer an experience as close to a one-stop-shop as possible. Our offerings are quite different, hence why we are so proud of the work done by our sportsbook team. We are looking forward to what our clients think of our new improvements.

stated the head of the game aggregation service at the business, Tatyana Kaminskaya.

Starting a new cross-solution integration is not an easy task, however thanks to our experienced team at the game aggregator we were able to pull it off. They work on one of the best aggregation services in the market, so this was not a challenge for them. We can’t wait to hear what our customers think of our efforts as we hope to expand our integrations in the future.

commented the head of SOFTSWISS’s sportsbook division, Alexander Kamenetskyi.

Lastly, the firm also has plans to add its jackpot services to the integration as the third solution in the future, although an early version of it is available to select customers.