SOFTSWISS introduces FinteqHub to the iGaming sector

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SOFTSWISS introduces FinteqHub to the iGaming sector

FinteqHub will be one of the newest payment providers to enter the iGaming industry with SOFTSWISS.

The new payment gateway, which has been developed by SOFTSWISS’s PSP team, will feature industry-standard security certifications and will enable operators to integrate numerous payment systems on a single interface. Additionally, it will allow clients to manage their transactions with lots of data and customizable rules.

FinteqHub’s new iGaming offerings will support the integration of the most widely-used payment methods around the world, such as bank cards, several banking platforms and e-wallets.

The solutions will be on display at the upcoming ICE London 2023 conference at the N8-231 booth.

Created by SOFTSWISS’s talented payments team, FinteqHub is tailor-made to suit our future customers’ needs. It has been our aim to address most of the issues that many iGaming companies around the world experience in their day-to-day operations. We are looking forward to partnering with our first clients and helping them enhance their payment frameworks.

stated the CEO of FinteqHub, Vadim Drozd.

As the iGaming industry has more risks associated with it than most others, many operators are struggling with their transaction acceptance rates. The reliability of a payment gateway is paramount for the success of a gambling firm, which is something we aimed to address when creating FinteqHub’s iGaming solution. We are eager to form our first collaboration in the near future.

remarked the co-chief executive officer of SOFTSWISS, Andrey Starovoitov.