SOFTSWISS reflects on 2022’s iGaming crypto market

  • Tuesday 21 February, 2023
SOFTSWISS reflects on 2022’s iGaming crypto market

SOFTSWISS has published a report on the performance of cryptocurrencies on its offerings, with the headline figure being a near 15% decline in crypto utilization.

In 2022 wagers placed through SOFTSWISS’s platforms used mainly traditional currencies, with cryptocurrencies making up just over 24% of total bets at about 20 billion Euros. Compared to the year prior, this is a significant decline, as in 2021 crypto wagers added up to 35% of the firm’s total at nearly 24 billion Euros.

Out of the 20 billion total figure, over 14.5 billion Euros worth of crypto wagers used Bitcoin. The currency has managed to maintain its massive lead over Ethereum and Litecoin, each of which accounted for only 13.5% and 5.5% of the total respectively.

Despite the decline in crypto wagering, the provider’s combined total bets and revenue have each increased by over 30% to over 84 billion Euros and 3.3 billion Euros respectively, indicating quite a healthy period of growth for SOFTSWISS.

2022 has proven to be quite a challenging year for cryptocurrencies. However, we have high hopes of the technology making a comeback in 2023, and we are certain that our partners’ players will continue choosing various crypto coins for their numerous advantages, such as fast and anonymous transactions.

stated the COO of SOFTSWISS, Vitali Matsukevich.