SOFTSWISS surveys clients for various data points

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SOFTSWISS surveys clients for various data points

SOFTSWISS has recently conducted an industry survey to determine the performance of its top-notch offerings.

The research was conducted on behalf of SOFTSWISS by the market leading firm Kantar Ukraine, with the main objective being to gather a better understanding of the industry and the needs of the iGaming developer’s clients.

The survey covered a span of a few months from July to October and uncovered some interesting details.

First off, let’s go over what the participants thought are the most important things they look for in a partner. Most respondents pointed out three things, namely quality products that suit their needs, a transparent collaboration between the two parties, and lastly, support in generating income.

The last one is especially interesting because the vast majority of questioned operators think iGaming providers serve double duties as financial partners. The number of like-minded companies has grown substantially since the past year, going from 63% to 93%.

Other interesting findings of the research include more priority given to all criterias presented by the survey, such as the provider’s flexibility around contract terms, the ease of reaching a manager and the attention given to each client, along with all the previously mentioned ones.

The survey also found out that every other SOFTSWISS customer has been working with the provider for over 3 years, naming them an excellent long-term associate.

Next up, the research also questioned operators of their opinion on SOFTSWISS’s Casino Platform offering. Over 86% of companies rated it from 7 to 10, highlighting its technical capabilities and excellence. In total, the solution scored 7.6 out of 10, raising the bar by 0.2 points in comparison to the prior year’s results.

Furthermore, some of the biggest drivers to choose SOFTSWISS’s platform were its varied collections of games and currencies, as well as its integration of numerous important gambling licenses.

Lastly, the firm’s offering also outperformed its competing solutions by 1.6 points out of 10, expanding by another near 0.5 points compared to the year prior.