Smartplay International

Smartplay International

Smartplay International stands at the forefront as the international top company in delivering cutting-edge lottery-making equipment and tailor-made draw lottery and casino content, as well as iGaming platforms. Operating across an extensive network of 126 countries, Smartplay proudly caters to a diverse clientele. As the iGaming industry continues to expand rapidly, game providers are keen on offering distinctive and innovative experiences to their users. In this endeavor, Smartplay collaborates closely with game providers, crafting captivating solutions that not only enhance player engagement but also drive revenue growth. The array of Smartplay’s capabilities is impressive, encompassing comprehensive manufacturing services for traditional games, alongside state-of-the-art digital draw systems and graphics that can be seamlessly brought via workstations or the cloud. This amalgamation of traditional and digital expertise allows Smartplay to cater to the dynamic needs of its partners in the gaming industry.



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