Sportradar to deploy fraud detection system for Twain Sport

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Sportradar to deploy fraud detection system for Twain Sport

Twain Sport will be getting Sportradar’s universal fraud detection system to monitor its platform.

Sportradar, the renowned software developer, has struck a deal with the relatively new sports league project Twain Sport to deploy its fraud detecting software. The deal will include the software corporation deploying its UFDS to monitor bets, as well as carefully assessing the league’s rules and matches.

The newly founded sports project involves a fast-paced head-to-head hybrid competition lasting only a minute, with a whole tournament with eight players lasting an hour. Being based on basketball, each player will have to shoot and score a random amount of points from randomized distances, making it excellent for betting on.

The league published an announcement not long after the news broke out, stating that they are delighted to work with a firm like Sportradar, and are looking forward to getting started immediately. Additionally, they also mentioned being honored to be in the list of organizations utilizing the developer’s products, as it includes some heavy hitters like the NBA and the UEFA.