Sportradar releases a program for athletes’ mental health

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Sportradar releases a program for athletes’ mental health

Sportradar is partnering with different mental health organizations to create a program to prevent athletes from betting.

To create the project Sportradar partnered with professionals and health centers like Kindbridge Behavioral Health and UCLA Gambling Studies Program.

The Athletes’ Wellbeing Initiative, which was created by SIS for different sport leagues, federations and clubs, is for preventing the negative effects of betting on the mental health of professional athletes.

The SIS initiative is going to concentrate on teaching to use an “integrated approach” that has different sessions, webinars and a face-to-face workshop.

“We are sure that Sportradar is going to be crucial within the larger sports ecosystem and a responsibility in supporting our partners to teach athletes on the negative effects of betting and wagering can have on mental health. The project is a good move for safeguarding sport integrity.”

commented Sportradar’s J. Brown

In addition, the Swiss sports technology company has updated its membership in the NCPG which offers information and guidance on athlete’s health 

Training athletes is important for SIS’ integrity, with the brand having conducted seminars for organizations, for example the Brazilian Football Confederation and National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, on sports betting and integrity.

“We welcome the Sportradar’s program for wanting to help athletes with their mental health. Legalized sports betting is spreading in the states, it is necessary to make sure that programs for teaching about wagering are implemented for every single organization in sports.”

added K. Whyte.