Sumsub introduced automated Responsible Gaming solution

  • Wednesday 20 September, 2023
Sumsub introduced automated Responsible Gaming solution

During Responsible Gaming Education month, Sumsub, the all-encompassing verification platform, has introduced an automated Responsible Gaming solution.

This innovative solution provides robust monitoring capabilities, enabling gambling operators to steer clear of substantial penalties.

Emphasizing the significance of September in promoting responsible gaming within the United States, Sumsub expresses its commitment to safeguarding players and assisting iGaming operators in safeguarding themselves against regulatory fines.

In harmony with the principles of Responsible Gaming Education month, Sumsub has introduced a solution designed to address the compliance requirements of gambling enterprises. Drawing upon Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring system and its extensive expertise in global compliance, this solution offers a range of tools for responsible gaming management.

Sumsub’s CLO, Tony Petrov, lauded the new solution for its capacity to assist online gaming platforms in identifying addicted players, reducing fraud risks, and maintaining compliance with industry regulations. He highlighted how this innovative automated solution solidifies Sumsub’s leadership in responsible gambling initiatives, keeping the company at the forefront of industry standards.

Petrov also emphasized Sumsub’s role in advancing safe gambling practices through its flexible and automated rule-based system for monitoring gaming transactions. This approach enables organizations to proactively champion responsible gaming within the industry.

The solution encompasses an extensive KYC configuration, wagering patterns analysis, monitoring of player behavior, alerts for fishy activities, and the capability to identify potential gambling addiction. By harnessing Sumsub’s automated solution, gambling operators can establish specific rules and identify instances where players engage in excessive betting, increase their gambling frequency, or modify their betting limits.

This new solution empowers casinos to establish tailored rules for user onboarding in specific countries, facilitating compliance across multiple regions for operators.