Swedish consumer protections law is set to launch in April

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Swedish consumer protections law is set to launch in April

Scheduled to be integrated into Swedish law in April 2024, a recently introduced bill aims to enrich player safety within the realm of gaming.

Presented to the Riksdag, Sweden’s parliament, by the government, the proposed gambling law is geared towards combating gambling-related crime and safeguarding consumers, as outlined by Spelinspektionen, the country’s gambling regulatory body.

The bill includes provisions to heighten penalty fees for gambling entities found in breach of the Money Laundering Act. Presently, penalties for violations of the Money Laundering Act are comparatively lower than those for infringements of the Gambling Act. Moreover, licensed operators will be granted access to the personal financial and health data of potential customers. This measure is designed to address issues related to problem gambling.

As an additional safeguard, consumers will be required to furnish written confirmation before participating in telephone gambling. The director-general of Spelinspektionen, Camilla Rosenberg, expressed support for the forthcoming legislation, set to take effect on April 1.

The regulatory landscape for gambling in Sweden is undergoing swift modifications. Supplier licenses were implemented on July 1, accompanied by enlarged enforcement powers for Spelinspektionen. In addition, the government announced in September that it will raise the gaming tax from 18% to 22% of gross gaming revenue, with the possibility of implementing the change as early as July of the next year.