Synot Games established partnership with Exefeed

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Synot Games established partnership with Exefeed

SYNOT Games is thrilled to share its latest partnership news established with Exefeed, a renowned brand in the online wagering industry, and its subbrands, Betole and Lobbet.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards delivering captivating gaming practices to a wider player base in locations like Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Dagmar Cvrčková, Strategic Partnership Chief at SYNOT Games mentioned:

With this collaboration, we are presented with an excellent opportunity to extend our presence and introduce our highly acclaimed casino titles to a broader audience. We hold firm confidence that our cutting-edge titles will deliver a one-of-a-kind gaming practice to the valued users of Exefeed, Betole, and Lobbet. Our shared and main purpose is to captivate users with innovative and highest quality games, ensuring an unforgettable and enjoyable entertainment journey for all.

Mira Živanović, Casino Supervisor at Exefeed supplemented:

Our team is excited to unveil the integration of the esteemed and widely acclaimed content from SYNOT Games into our platforms. With the inclusion of SYNOT Games’ innovative casino titles in our suggestions, we are eager to elevate player acquisition and present a broad scope of entertainment options. This strategic collaboration is set to enrich the practices of our valued players, and we anticipate to bringing unmatched excitement and enjoyment through this remarkable addition.

Via this fruitful alliance, SYNOT Games will proudly present its huge collection of casino games on well-established online platforms like Betole and Lobbet. As a result, users of these platforms will have the pleasure of exploring an exhilarating diapason of new entertainment content options. This harmonious union is targeted to elevate the entertainment quotient for players and enhance their gaming journey like never before.

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