Ten-year contract between IGT and National Lottery in Malta

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Ten-year contract between IGT and National Lottery in Malta

IGT Global Services has recently unveiled a deal with the National Lottery, with an aim at running the National Lottery in Malta.

The agreement is awaited to be in force till the summer of 2032, IGT will also provide ticket printing.

Last year, IGT could substitute competitor tech by deploying its lottery central program and sales solutions, following an inaugural deal with National Lottery.

In cooperation with the latter, IGT showcased an extra draw day for the highly renowned LOTTO entertainment and released its first draw content, accessible for ten years. This agreement remarks that IGT aims to revive the ticket system and expand its sales sphere to twice its current size.

IGT is commended as an excellent partner for reviving Malta’s National Lottery by Johann Schembri, the CEO of IZI Group, citing its vast experience in fostering retail increase for important lotteries. He added that IGT’s dedication to ethical advancement and stable growth was consistent with the Lottery’s objective of suggesting distinctive fun safely. Schembri went on to express his admiration for IGT’s quick success and his anticipation of cooperating with the company to improve user practice in the set timeframe.

Global Lottery COO at IGT, Jay Gendron stated that even though both companies have a challenging more than a half-year frame to implement a completely ready-to-use lottery system and install new technical support across retailers in the market, we were ready for it. The fresh activities, and tech, were presented in a very short time. Gendron noted that the current aim is on partnering with the Lottery to ensure continuous ethical retail development via using amazing technology and the creation of users’ attention-grabbing quick ticket content.


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