The Indian I&B Ministry requests gambling advertising ban

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The Indian I&B Ministry requests gambling advertising ban

India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered all concerned parties, including media companies, online advertising companies and social media platforms, to stop broadcasting any gambling-related promotions.

The Ministry underscores that non-compliance with this guidance could lead to potential legal consequences imposed by the Government of India under different legislations.

Drawing attention to the recent actions taken by the central government against the network of agents involved in receiving huge amounts from gambling players and withdrawing funds from India, the ministry emphasizes that the promotion of gaming and betting platforms has significant financial and socioeconomic consequences. hazards for people, especially among young people and kids.

The Ministry also mentions that such practices are intertwined with money laundering communities, posing a direct threat to the country’s financial safety.

The advisory also highlights that apart from these illicit activities, there is a strong likelihood that illicit funds are utilized to finance such advertisements. In this context, the Ministry points out that specific media entities, as well as social media platforms, have been permitting both direct and indirect promotions of wagering and gambling platforms, particularly during significant sporting events.

Furthermore, the Ministry observes an inclination to intensify the promotion of such wagering and gambling platforms during sports events, particularly cricket. Notably, a significant global event of this nature is set to commence in the upcoming days.

In this regard, the Ministry issued warnings to media platforms, warning them against distributing content that supports gaming platforms. At the same time, online advertising companies were specifically advised not to target such advertising to Indian audiences.