The pillars of success for premier iGaming content developers

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The pillars of success for premier iGaming content developers

Navigating the competitive landscape is the primary challenge for today’s iGaming suppliers, where vying for attention is the ultimate purpose. Users are on a constant quest for the next exhilarating practice, the latest immersive game theme, and an unparalleled gaming adventure. Slotegrator sheds light on the trailblazing journey of its partner, 3 Oaks Gaming, as it emerges as a trendsetter in gaming content development.

Slotegrator’s analysis identifies five key pillars of success for tier-one B2Bs, each illuminated through insights gleaned from the latest interview with Yuri Muratov, the driving force behind 3 Oaks Gaming:

  • Global Expansion: In 18 months, 3 Oaks Gaming became a worldwide sensation with over 70 leading titles available in the EU, South Africa, and LatAm.
  • Betting on Uniqueness: 3 Oaks Gaming stands out for crafting visually engaging games with highquality art and advanced mechanics that engage users.
  • Marketing Magic: 3 Oaks Gaming’s success is driven by a strong marketing strategy across online ads, social media, and casino/gaming brand companionships.
  • Partnership Benefits: Embracing collaboration, 3 Oaks Gaming strategically establishes deals with aggregators such as Slotegrator, REEVO, BetConstruct, Salsa Technology, and Digitain, expanding their network and presenting spectacular titles on a broader stage. Particularly, collaborations with Slotegrator’s APIgrator solution have propelled the studio to new heights since 2022.
  • Responsible Gaming: Acknowledging the importance of safer gaming, the company prioritizes preventing underage gambling and protecting vulnerable users. Their commitment extends beyond harm prevention to ensuring players have a good experience. 3 Oaks Gaming is dedicated to developing titles that are not only fun but also foster responsible gambling practices.

Yuri Muratov, Director of BD at 3 Oaks Gaming, said:

Central to our guiding principles is an unwavering commitment to relentless advancement and a fervent passion to enhance our products. As we step into the landscape of 2024, our strategic focus centers on the creation of novel features and mechanics designed to elevate the level of engagement and reward for players in our games.

3 Oaks Gaming is embarking on a worldwide enlargement strategy, with a particular emphasis on the EU as a key focal point. Beyond Europe, the developer has a slew of regions in their pipeline that pique their interest. Notably, the company has also applied for a UK gambling license.

Looking beyond the European continent, 3 Oaks Gaming also harbors a keen interest in North America. A successful launch in this region would establish the company’s foothold on four continents. Over the coming years, 3 Oaks Gaming is set to prioritize license acquisition and broaden its horizons. This strategic approach aligns with their commitment to starting deals that enable the delivery of their one-of-a-kind titles to a wider audience.

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