Tom Dwan Back On Hustler Casino Live

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Tom Dwan Back On Hustler Casino Live

Having shown up on the Million Dollar Game, Tom Dwan decided to move on to Hustler Casino Live this week.

It was a $100/$200 no-limit hold ’em game where Dwan had some ups and downs, knowing the fact that he would have the chance for a rematch on June 14th. Apart from Dwan, there were other famous players involved in the game, such as Pipi, Britney, Peter, Sashimi, and 3coin. 

Many gamblers are becoming more prone to crypto gambling, and the same trend occurs with poker, too. No wonder, crypto transactions can be extremely quick, they are secure and they are independent of any world bank there is. Therefore, it makes sense that more and more people are choosing Bitcoin poker instead of the traditional form. The biggest issue with these games is choosing the credible ones. This information is easily obtainable and there are lists all over the web. 

However, some other forms of poker are also popular and Tom Dwan is one of the representatives of this stream. All the participants in the latest game at Hustler Casino Live are people who love to gamble with high stakes. 

Trick Time is adored by the audience. His aggressive style makes any game he is a part of extremely dynamic and watchable.  On the other hand, Britney has mad poker skills and is known for her strategic thinking. She also does well in a crisis so it is fun to watch decisive moments of the game when she is playing. Doctor H. is known for his intellect and strategy. He is a real example of a calm player who takes all aspects of the game into consideration. Another famous Hustler Casino Live participant is 3coin. He is loved by the audience, and by his nickname, we can tell he has other interests, aside from poker.

This game started actively with a triple stake of $400k. The first half of the game was quite mellow. Everyone was between $20k and $100k in, while Dwan was around $30k. At one point, Pipi raised $1.2k with 9 of Diamonds and 8 of Spades, after which Dwan called it with 7 of Diamonds and 7 of Clubs. After that, it was Peter’s turn that made Pipi fold. 

After the flop of an ace of hearts, 7 of spades, and 10 of diamonds, Peter placed a $5.5k bet, and Dwan raised the bet to $16k. Peter called. 

The twist happened when the Queen of Spades gave Dwan the hand. Peter bet out $15k, but Dwan then raised it to $48k. Peter did not give up and he was all in. After that, Dwan snap-called it. A queen was dealt to Dwan who was already about to win, and ensured him a full house

The final pot was Dwan’s, with $262.4k. 

Sequels of the game are yet to be played, but one thing is certain – this was a very unpredictable and fun game.