Top Brazilian operators establish RG organization IBJR

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Top Brazilian operators establish RG organization IBJR

Nine of the country’s largest gambling operators have formed the IBJR, the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming, to establish a safe and fair gambling market.

The IBJR’s founding members include major corporations like Betsson, Flutter, and Bet365, all of which have been united under the mission of contributing to and developing Brazil’s gambling market. This announcement comes ahead of the country’s upcoming sports wagering regulation, which is expected to be published sometime this year.

Our mission is to create a safe and fair playing environment for Brazilian players while simultaneously making it better for the operators and generating significant tax income for the country. Responsibility appears in our name because of its immense role in the success of other established regulated markets. In various markets around the world, sports wagering and gambling are seen as yet another form of entertainment, however, before achieving that status in Brazil, a multitude of challenges such as problem gambling must be overcome.

stated the newly elected President of the IBJR, Andre Gelfi.

Brazil legalized sports wagering back in 2018, at the same time as the United States. Since then, the latter’s states have managed to establish their robust legal frameworks for the industry, which has provided the country with lots of benefits, especially in terms of tax revenue. Our organization’s aim is to replicate that success by countering the sector’s malicious actors who harm its integrity with their subpar responsible gambling and AML efforts.

remarked the Legal Director of the IBJR, Rafael Marcondes.