Trackier lands Standard Sponsorship for iGC London 2024

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Trackier lands Standard Sponsorship for iGC London 2024

AffPapa is excited to declare Trackier as a primary sponsor for the forthcoming VIP dinner at iGC London 2024, reinforcing its dedication to cultivating important connections within the industry.

Trackier, a distinguished SaaS provider headquartered in India, has adeptly established its presence by delivering inventive solutions to brands across more than 20 countries. The company utilizes cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach to empower marketers globally, facilitating the creation of outstanding products, exceptional user experiences, and a commitment to customer privacy.

iGC London 2024, powered by AffPapa, is poised to unite affiliates, casinos, and B2Bs at a one-of-a-kind VIP networking dinner on February 6th. This event underscores AffPapa’s unwavering dedication to nurturing connections and fostering significant relationships within the iGaming sector.

Udit Verma, CMO at Trackier, mentioned:

We are overjoyed to unveil our partnership with AffPapa at Trackier, signifying a noteworthy collaboration within the fast-moving iGaming sector. As proud sponsors of the VIP Dinner at iGC London 2024, our partnership targets at fortify connections, highlight advanced solutions, and stay at the forefront of the industry’s latest trends. At Trackier, our objective is to foster and elevate relationships with both our existing and prospective affiliate partners, actively contributing to the continued success of our iGaming platform.

Yeva Avagyan, Head of Commercial at AffPapa, stated:

Excited to offer a heartfelt welcome to Trackier, our standard sponsor for the VIP dinner at iGC London 2024! The alignment of Trackier’s solutions and their unwavering drive perfectly resonates with the ethos of AffPapa. With only two weeks remaining until the event, anticipation is growing, and I eagerly anticipate hosting everyone in London for a memorable experience of connection and business synergy. Let’s make this one for the books!

Trackier will have a platform to reach a wider audience thanks to the engagement with iGaming Club London 2024, which is expected to stimulate a dynamic exchange of industry insights, collaborative opportunities, and the ability to exhibit creative approaches.