UK Gambling Commission to present stricter regulations

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UK Gambling Commission to present stricter regulations

The UK Gambling Commission has unveiled fresh regulations aimed at protecting players. These measures, set to take effect on August 30, encompass several checks intended to mitigate problem gambling nationwide.

Following consultation, decisions have been made on next steps, including refining requirements and associated guidance and further developing approaches to implementation.

Firstly, regarding Enhancing Consumer Choice in Direct Marketing, the new LCCP requirement (15.1.12) will proceed with some adjustments. Notably, land-based gambling and the lottery sector are excluded from the requirement for now. Marketing to customers who haven’t set preferences will cease, instead requiring them to update their consent before gambling next. The requirement to include post as direct marketing has been removed. This new requirement (5.1.12) will be effective from January 17, 2025.

Secondly, efforts to Strengthen Age Verification in Premises will proceed as consulted. Changes to the LCCP regarding age verification test purchasing and ‘think 21 to think 25’ will be implemented as planned, effective from August 30, 2024.

Thirdly, Amending and Introducing New Requirements on Remote Game Design involves several considerations. Seven component proposals were reviewed; most will proceed with amendments. A 5-second speed for non-slots titles will be introduced. Autoplay for all online gaming products will be prohibited. Operator-led functionality enabling playing multiple simultaneous games for casino products will be prohibited. Celebrations of returns less than or equal to stake will also be prohibited. Operators will be required to provide net spend and net time information for casino games. These new requirements will be enforced from January 17, 2025.

Concerning Remote Gambling: Financial Vulnerability Checks and Financial Risk Assessments, efforts are underway to establish a proportionate and seamless system of checks. Two types of checks were consulted on: light-touch financial vulnerability checks and financial risk assessments to identify potential consumer risk among high-spending customers.

Extending and Clarifying Requirements for Personal Management Licences is another update. The decision has been made to extend the LCCP requirements 1.2.1 as previously consulted. However, we have offered additional clarity concerning the Chair position. The updated requirement will take effect on November 29, 2024.

Lastly, Changes to Regulatory Panels, after thorough consideration, it has been determined that the consultation proposals will not be implemented. Our dedication to upholding robust, cost-effective, and prompt regulatory decision-making processes remains unwavering. We will initiate further consultation if alternative proposals are available for consideration.