UK gambling figures almost recovered to pre-pandemic levels

  • Monday 28 November, 2022
UK gambling figures almost recovered to pre-pandemic levels

The United Kingdom’s gambling industry figures are slowly making a return to their pre-pandemic levels, with the revenue figure being just shy of 10 billion pounds.

Despite the recent year’s 16.5% increase in the industry’s yield being quite significant, the resulting figure is slightly less than the same number recorded in 2019 – 2020 by less than a percent. Additionally, the country’s Gambling Commission reports that the total number of players has decreased from the pre-pandemic levels as well.

Breaking down the total revenue figure by the two available sectors, the online one is ahead by quite a wide margin, making just under 6.5 million pounds in the period between April of 2021 and March of 2022. The iGaming industry actually grew during the pandemic with this year’s figures being over 12% higher than that of the 2019 – 2020 period. Despite that, the sector peaked during the pandemic, as the current figures are just over 6% lower than the 2020 – 2021 period.

The largest portion of the online sector’s revenue, at about 3 billion pounds, was attributed to online slot games. Closely following at second place was sports wagering which made 2.4 billion pounds in the period.

Moving on to the retail industry’s statistics, this one saw quite rapid growth since the lifting of pandemic restrictions. The industry’s revenue doubled in the year to about 3.5 billion pounds. However, the new numbers are still measurably lower than pre-pandemic ones by over 20%.