UK head of gambling reform Damian Collins resigns

  • Friday 28 October, 2022
UK head of gambling reform Damian Collins resigns

The United Kingdom’s gambling reform process gets yet another setback as Damian Collins resigns and the upcoming white paper gets delayed.

On the 27th of October the politician confirmed that he had stepped down from his position. Having first taken the role in July, he served for less than a third of a year.

During the recent turbulent times for UK politics a month ago, the former gambling reform leader stayed in his position as Liz Truss took over the role of the Prime Minister. However, as she resigned and was replaced by Rishi Sunak a few days ago at the time of writing, Collins stepped down in the latest period of uncertainty.

The news is the latest setback to the country’s gambling reforms, which included the upcoming white paper that is now delayed yet again. Having originally been announced back in 2020, the entire gambling industry has been patiently waiting for it ever since. It was only a few weeks away at the time of Truss’s resignation, but now it has been pushed back indefinitely.

It has been a pleasing experience working towards a stronger and safer online economy with DCMS. I am eager to support them and their work in the parliament

commented Damian Collins on his Twitter post announcing his resignation.