Ukraine asks Apple to delete gambling apps from the App Store

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Ukraine asks Apple to delete gambling apps from the App Store

President Zelenskiy has highlighted the adverse impact of gambling on morale and security among the armed forces of Ukraine.

It’s been over two years since the onset of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which, though technically spanning over a decade, saw its most significant escalation beginning in February 2022. Following these challenging times, Ukraine is confronting an unexpected issue within its military ranks.

Consequently, he has implemented a ban on gambling activities within the military and called upon tech giants like Apple and Google to remove gambling applications from their respective app stores. This decision comes in response to a petition submitted by Ukrainian serviceman Pavlo Petrychenko, who tragically lost his life on the front line on April 15. His petition shed light on the alarming trend of soldiers succumbing to gambling addiction, jeopardizing their finances and even resorting to pawning military equipment to settle debts.

The ban on gambling apps in the Apple App Store serves several purposes:

  • It shields soldiers from the detrimental effects of gambling addiction, preserving their focus and well-being.
  • By restricting access to foreign-operated gambling apps, it helps mitigate security risks associated with sensitive information exposure.
  • It aids in curbing harmful gambling habits among military personnel by reducing the availability of such apps.
  • The ban promotes accountability and professionalism within the armed forces by discouraging activities that undermine their effectiveness.

Additionally, the Ukrainian government is exploring measures to block payments to online gambling accounts, with the National Bank of Ukraine expected to issue guidelines to banks accordingly.

President Zelenskiy’s decisive action underscores his commitment to bolstering the welfare and efficiency of Ukraine’s armed forces amid the ongoing conflict.