Virginia Lottery debuted a partnership with NeoPollard

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Virginia Lottery debuted a partnership with NeoPollard

The Virginia Lottery collaborating with tech solutions supplier NeoPollard Interactive (NPi), could soon implement an ilottery program on a cloudbasis.

The technical assistance encompasses NeoDraw, the primary gaming system, accompanied by the NeoSphere, a user account management. According to NPi, the shift to cloud hosting is expected to greatly enlarge the effectiveness of tasks of controlling and maintaining the software, facilitated after the eSubscriptions entered the game in 2016.

Chief Executive of the Virginia Lottery, Kelly T Gee stated:

The top priority is to offer our users an unparalleled gaming experience. By utilizing cloud solutions, we can ensure a smooth and dependable practice, underscoring our commitment to getting profit dedicated for the schools.

As per the supplier, currently, the Virginia Lottery can expand its program to handle high jackpot runs, also the connected promotional and capacity.

Doug Pollard, CoChief Executive of NPi, stated:

We understand the importance of constantly widen our product scope and keep up with the freshest and innovative technology trends. By providing our ilottery services, we are able offer better support to the Virginia Lottery, with programs that rely on NPi’s services. We appreciate that the Virginia Lottery relied on us to provide this cuttingedge services.

Moti Malul, CoChief Executive, further commented:

Recent years we had seen massive jackpots, resulting in a substantial increase in online traffic, highlighting the importance of ilottery programs catering to the demand for player purchases.

He added that with the improved standards that cloud hosting offers, they can promote the enlargement of the lottery audience as the latter aim to satisfy the players.