Wazdan forms an identity with Power of Sun™: Svarog game

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Wazdan forms an identity with Power of Sun™: Svarog game

The casino software provider Wazdan, that takes pride in the 10 years of game development track record, introduces players to its newly released game Power of Sun™: Svarog.  

Svarog is the first slot title in the Power of Sun™ category. The main figure is the Slavic God of Fire – a wild creature that boasts exclusive skills to forge. The game also contains differentiated features such as Sticky to Infinity™ and Cash Infinity™ which create prerequisites for entering bonus games like Hold the Jackpot, boost engagement and retention rates, as well as deliver positive user experiences. Players will get bonuses while playing on fifteen reels and gain symbols which have the possibility to transform into other types of symbols. 

If players win the mysterious symbol in the play, they’ll receive a Svarog Jackpot which costs 1,000 times players’ bets. In addition, players will get the Grant Jackpot that costs 5000 times players’ bets at the end of the bonus game, in case they use bonus symbols correctly to fill all fifteen reels.  

CCO of the company Andrzej Hyla stated: 

‘’This is the first captivating part of the series and we truly believe that Power of Sun™: Svarog will become our flagship product. The game is sure to arouse emotional roller-coasters while having a simple structure and entertaining retro themes. We expect that the game will satisfy players and bring fruitful results for the operators.’’  

Power of Sun™: Svarog indeed gives much scalability to players at bonus rounds providing different features they can make use of to adjust the game to their specific needs.