Wazdan unveils Mystery Drop network promotion roadmap for Q4

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Wazdan unveils Mystery Drop network promotion roadmap for Q4

Wazdan, a cuttingedge game supplier, has exciting plans for the last few months of 2023, including the introduction of 3 new network promotions.

With an impressive rewarding amount of2,500,000, generously invested by Wazdan itself, these promos will encompass Wazdan’s whole library of titles and are open to all casinos and iGaming companies.

Following theMystery FallandHalloWIN Drop,” Wazdan is making the most of this year, by incorporating it into their awaited promotional programs. TheMystery DropTMis the driving force behind these exciting events, running during the 3 months.

The CCO at Wazdan, Andrzej Hyla mentioned:

Our team is glad to show our last set of promotions, extending our gratitude to both casinos and audiences. Utilizing our worldclass Mystery DropTM and perfectly timed to coincide with the New Year and Halloween seasons, we have 3 exhilarating new network promos in store. These promise to empower our companions to boost traffic and culminate in a highly wellestablished year for all.

Wazdan’s promotions have an established record of producing favorable results for casinos, which speaks for itself. These promotions have been demonstrated to enhance brand recognition among more consumers, promote user maintenance rates, and keep the interest of participants over protracted periods.

To support their companions effectively, Wazdan delivers all the essential promo materials. Additionally, companions will have a devoted supervisor making sure of the smooth and organized execution of the promotional programs.

The company is planning to wrap up with an assortment of amazing promotions, closing a hectic and adventurous year. Easter Drop, or Wazdan Breaks the Rules, as well as Chinese New Year were some of the significant programs of 2023, having a combined reward fund of an astonishing3,950,000.

With cutting-edge iGaming products, Wazdan is one of the top online gambling developers in the market. Utilizing more than a decade of experience, they have created over 150 online in-browser games an...