WestLotto boosts compliance with OpenBet’s Neccton technology

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WestLotto boosts compliance with OpenBet’s Neccton technology

OpenBet, a prominent supplier of iGaming products and services to the iGaming industry, has unveiled a collaboration with WestLotto, a German lottery operator, to deliver Neccton‘s gambling compliance solutions.

Since joining the World Lottery Association (WLA) in 1955, WestLotto has stood out for its dedication to sustainability and responsible gaming. Establishing companionship with Neccton, a subsidiary of OpenBet, WestLotto seeks to exceed regulatory standards by integrating Neccton’s services in safer gaming, antimoney laundering, and fraud detection. This collaboration enriches WestLotto’s safer gaming protocols, making sure a safer wagering environment for players.

The Managing Director of Neccton at OpenBet, Michael Auer commented:

Our team is overjoyed about our recent collaboration with WestLotto, Germany’s biggest lottery supplier. Establishing this substantial partnership is a major accomplishment for our company, positioning Neccton as the leading responsible gaming supplier. We are eager to nurture this relationship further, anticipating continued development and a prosperous working alliance with WestLotto.

The Head of Public Affairs at WestLotto, Axel Weber mentioned:

Making sure user protection within the realm of ethical gaming stands as a paramount concern for WestLotto, extending to both offline and online gaming. Neccton’s OpenBet emerges as a valuable tool that aligns seamlessly with our user protection standards, enhancing our ability to bring a safer iGaming environment for users. The devotion to player protection is a central focus for WestLotto, and we are enthusiastic about collaborating with OpenBet’s Neccton to uphold these standards, ensuring that players can engage in a secure gambling environment while enjoying our games.

This agreement signifies a crucial achievement for OpenBet, which has established itself as a premier provider for lotteries globally. With WestLotto becoming the 18th lottery operator to join forces with OpenBet, the partnership further solidifies OpenBet’s position in the industry. Additionally, the collaboration underscores Neccton’s status as a reliable companion for lotteries on a global scale. This announcement follows OpenBet’s recognition as a Gold Contributor with the WLA last year.


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