What are crypto casinos and how do they work?

What are crypto casinos and how do they work?

In the modern iGaming world, cryptocurrency has emerged as a highly demanded casino payment method. They have swiftly acquired popularity among operators, though they are a relatively novel concept. But what precisely means opening a crypto casino and what you should know about it will be discussed below.

The main question of the legality of crypto casinos is being constantly discussed, bringing confusion among operators venturing into the domain of online Bitcoin casinos or other forms of cryptocurrency. This confusion arises from the uncertain attitude of authorities regarding cryptocurrencies.

Due to the rapidly changing situation, it becomes difficult to define a universally applicable worldwide strategy. Each market has its regulations, trends, and rules concerning crypto. We will represent our comprehensive research about crypto casinos, and their main features. Let’s start with a simple crypto casino definition and the working process.

What is a cryptocurrency casino?

Crypto casino is an online casino that allows players to complete financial transactions such as deposits, and withdrawals using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and other compatible currencies can be utilized for online gambling purposes.

Crypto casinos operate similarly to traditional ones, allowing audiences to create accounts, deposit funds, and engage in games with the opportunity to win big rewards. However, the key distinction lies in the utilization of cryptocurrency as the primary form of payment method.

best bitcoin casino affiliate programs to join.jpgAnother significant characteristic is enhanced security compared to conventional online casinos, achieved through the implementation of blockchain technology. This wellcultivated technology makes it exceedingly challenging for hackers to compromise player information or manipulate game outcomes. Additionally, crypto casinos often feature lower fees when compared to their traditional competitors, making them demanded by users seeking costeffective gambling options.

Key facts about crypto casino

Essentially, there are no particular rules governing Bitcoin gambling, it is neither explicitly accepted nor banned, just existing in a gray area.

  • The point of view of authorities towards Bitcoin is undergoing rapid modifications, with an increasing number of countries adopting positive behavior and having conversations about how to regulate digital currencies all powered by blockchain services.
  • Regulators may impose enough severe measures against crypto gambling websites and individuals who gamble using digital money or in nations where gaming is forbidden, like the US.
  • Platforms for playing games with Bitcoin give users the benefit of greater privacy. Nevertheless, trustworthy casinos frequently continue to request credentials in order to adhere to antimoney laundering (AML) and counter the financing of terrorism (CFT) regulations.
  • Certain globally renowned jurisdictions, including Curacao eGaming grant licenses to companies that operate Bitcoinpowered casinos. Online casinos and sports betting websites can ensure compliance with the regulations of their chosen company location, enabling them to operate within a legally sanctioned structure and assume the role of overseeing digital currency transactions.

Pros and Cons of crypto casinos

What about the main upsides and downsides of starting your crypto casino? We have researched and separated the main pros and cons of accepting cryptocurrencies, aiming to deliver valuable insights to assist in your decisionmaking process regarding the use of digital currencies for your online gambling endeavors.


  • completely private and anonymous
  • free of banking fees
  • safe
  • unaffected by inflation
  • swift transactions


  • lack of regulations
  • not available in many jurisdictions
  • crypto price high volatility

How to start a Bitcoin casino?

Starting your crypto casino presents a remarkable opportunity for iGaming operators to generate more profit streams and captivate a fresh scope of audience demographics. Let’s get into the essential steps you should be guided by:

  1. Acquire licenseThe initial step towards commencing a crypto casino involves securing a license from a valid commission. This step holds paramount significance as it gives trustworthiness and legitimacy to your establishment. Your casino will not have a professional background and can even be closed by regulatory authorities if it doesn’t have a license.
  2. Select a cryptocurrencyFollowing the licensing procedure, the subsequent stage encompasses selecting the currency you will include in your payment methods. There are not many currencies accepted in the iGaming world, but Bitcoin and Ethereum are frequently utilized. Nonetheless, it is crucial to acknowledge the crypto market itself is not stable at all, moreover, not all cryptocurrencies have an equal value. Prioritize thorough research to identify those with higher stability and substantial trading volume, ensuring optimal viability for your operations.
  3. Develop and secure the iGaming platformIt is imperative to construct your platform, which can be achieved through either custom development or the acquisition of a whitelabel solution. However, in this process, one must not overlook the significant aspect of security, particularly for an online enterprise such as a crypto casino. Guaranteeing reliable protection against fraudsters is vital. Incorporate security features like SSL encryption, or twofactor authentication.
  4. Incorporate Payment MethodsIntegrating payment gateways that include support for renowned cryptocurrencies is a must. The smooth integration facilitates effortless transactions for users, boosting their overall experience. Opt for a more usercentric payment platform that can be simple, have lower commissions, and swift processing times.

Below are some payment gateways that operators can utilize and ensure a smooth transaction processes for their players:


Is it necessary to have a crypto gambling license?

Yes, having a gaming license is essential to start and operate a legal gaming company, and crypto casinos are no exception. Nevertheless, there is no dedicated cryptorelated license, but if a casino accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as a payment option, they must hold the necessary authorization that endorses such transactions within the legal framework.

Is crypto gambling permitted by law?

The legality of crypto gambling varies significantly based on your geographical location and the regulations governing online gambling in that area. In general terms, certain countries that adopt progressive stances toward online gambling encompass a considerable portion of the EU, Canada, the UK, and Australia. The United States occupies a middle ground, with distinct states opting for diverse approaches to online gambling. While laws surrounding online gambling remain rather stringent, the acceptance of sports betting is notably more widespread. Conversely, there exist nations where online gambling is outright prohibited, as exemplified by China, Indonesia, and the UAE.

How do online crypto casinos make money?

Online crypto casinos generate revenue through several methods. Firstly, they request fees for transactions, typically a minor percentage of the overall transaction value, which helps cover the casino’s operational expenses. Secondly, they offer gaming with a house edge, ensuring the casino maintains a longterm benefit over its users. They make money by taking in more from players than they give out in wins. Finally, commissions from affiliates and revenue from advertisements are huge source for crypto casinos to attract profits, which includes advertisement or sign up fees.

What is the future of crypto gambling?

The crypto casinoslife is long and bright. Before they started to be used in different aspects, including casinos, virtual currencies significantly increased in recognition, bringing a new business perspective for different sectors.

More players will likely embrace the use of digital currencies for online gambling. This could lead to an increase in the number of crypto casinos and a broader range of games and services tailored specifically for cryptocurrency users. Regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies and online gambling vary in different regions, so the future growth of crypto casinos will also depend on the legal framework in each jurisdiction. However, as governments and regulatory bodies adapt to the changing landscape, we may see more favorable regulations and increased acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the iGaming industry.

Which is the leading crypto payment gateway?

The landscape of crypto payment gateways is continuously evolving in iGaming, many prominent iGaming companies choose CoinPayments, or Skrill, as well as BitPay. Note that it’s important to research and consider factors such as fees, supported cryptocurrencies, security, and customer support when choosing a crypto payment gateway for iGaming purposes. Checking the latest industry news and consulting with experts in the field for the most up-to-date information on the leading crypto payment gateways in iGaming is recommended.


The reality is that crypto gambling is having remarkable growth day by day. Numerous iGaming platforms are emerging to cater to various types of cryptocurrencies. Legislations regarding Bitcoin are expected to rapidly evolve worldwide in the coming years. Casino operators should abide by the gambling laws that control conventional fiat money casinos in their target areas to ensure adherence and reduce any dangers related to illegal activities. By doing so, they can navigate the changing landscape and operate within the bounds of the law.