White Hat bolsters higher leadership with new promotions

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White Hat bolsters higher leadership with new promotions

White Hat Gaming has recently reported about a number of new higher leadership appointments as part of their ambitious growth plans.

The appointments will take the form of internal promotions and will represent a critical part of the corporation’s expansion strategy.

The two new appointees are Chris Hipkiss and Ed Bullock, both of whom have worked with the firm for multiple years.

Ed Bullock
Ed Bullock

Chriss Hipkiss has been employed at the business as the products and delivery lead for over 2 years. He will be taking on the role of the chief delivery officer, helping his employer in a critical aspect of the company.

Ed Bullock, on the other hand, has been a part of White Hat’s team for over 5 years, although he has more than a massive two and a half decades of experience in the industry. His new role will be the firm’s chief operating officer, where he will aid the business in expanding and operating across various jurisdictions, as well as finding and working with new clients and associates.

The move comes in a time of strong growth for the company, as they are following their ambitious strategy to expand further. An example of their development is their latest expansion into their 13th licensed state in America, Kansas.

As we are amidst our ambitious plans of expansion in key markets such as the United States, the newest few appointments are paramount steps towards executing it. I am assured that Chris and Ed are the perfect candidates with the best sets of skills to help us with our strategic objectives and growth plans.

remarked White Hat Gaming’s chief executive officer, Phil Gelvan.

I am certain that delivery is going to be among the key aspects required for achieving success as the firm continues to expand at a quick pace. I am looking forward to helping our team in my new position and strengthening my employer’s delivery abilities.

stated the recently appointed chief delivery officer at White Hat, Chris Hipkiss.

As I have been working for White Hat for the past half a decade, I am sure that our team has a lot of potential to continue expanding and developing our business at an accelerated pace. I am looking forward to working on my new responsibilities in my new position.

commented the newly promoted chief operating officer of White Hat, Ed Bullock.

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