White Label Casinos sets fundraising for North Wales school

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White Label Casinos sets fundraising for North Wales school

White Label Casinos, a premier provider of white-label casino solutions in the iGaming sector, has undertaken a noble initiative to raise funds for St. Gerard’s School Trust in Bangor, Wales. This endeavor aims to significantly enhance facilities for both students and the broader community.

With a fundraising goal of €140,000 slated for the next two years, the company seeks to support the renovation of the school’s sports and educational amenities. This transformation is expected to facilitate increased student enrollment and foster greater community involvement.

Led by CEO Phil Pearson, White Label Casinos’ commitment to this cause reflects its dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of business. Established in 1917 by the Irish Sisters of Mercy, St. Gerard’s School has earned renown for delivering exceptional education within the region. The additional funding will further elevate its standing as a premier independent educational institution.

St. Gerard’s School is celebrated for its personalized approach to education and mentorship, particularly for children from underprivileged backgrounds and unstable family environments. Furthermore, the school has extended its support to several displaced Ukrainian refugees, aiding their educational journey and overall well-being following their relocation to Wales.

This initiative is part of White Label Casinos’ ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts. Building on previous successes, such as raising essential funds and awareness for the MSPCA in 2023, and sponsoring the IFR Poker Cup at Portomaso Casino, which generated €3,300 for an animal charity, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to philanthropy.

Campbell Harrison, Headmaster of St Gerard’s School, said:

It brings us immense joy to reconnect with former students and witness their progress in life. I have vivid memories of Phil from his time here, and it was truly delightful to hear his recollections of his childhood at our school, reflecting on what has remained unchanged and what has evolved. His outreach filled us with delight, and I am deeply touched by his generous commitment to bolstering our school and creating a lasting impact.

Stephen Griffiths, Business Manager at St Gerard’s School, said:

We take great pride in collaborating with an esteemed alum like Phil to raise funds for St. Gerard’s, ensuring that its students have access to top-notch facilities. It’s crucial to contribute to building its legacy for the next century, ensuring that future generations benefit from the outstanding academic environment that prioritizes the safety, enjoyment, and camaraderie of its pupils.

Phil Pearson, CEO at White Label Casino, said:

Upon leaving school, one experiences a myriad of emotions, primarily relief. However, as time passes, one comes to realize the invaluable life skills and learning methods acquired from a place that felt like home. St. Gerard’s holds a special place in my heart. The commendable work they undertake is truly inspiring, and it is an honor to contribute to a school that not only merits support but also serves as an essential asset for the local community and forthcoming generations of children.

Further details regarding fundraising activities for 2024 will be disclosed in due course, underscoring White Label Casinos’ steadfast dedication to making a meaningful difference in communities worldwide.