WIPO & ESIC Announce Innovative Partnership

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WIPO & ESIC Announce Innovative Partnership

WIPO, a UN agency specializing in intellectual property, and the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) have revealed a groundbreaking collaboration focused on strengthening Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms in the global esports and video games sectors.

This collaboration marks a groundbreaking stride in establishing the requisite and tailored infrastructure for addressing and mitigating disputes within the swiftly expanding esports and video games industries.

The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre, recognized for its expertise in intellectual property (IP) dispute resolution, will join forces with ESIC, a leader in esports integrity, to enrich and implement cutting-edge Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms for resolving disputes in video games and esports with unparalleled expertise and fairness.

The partnership will concentrate on various pivotal domains, encompassing collaborative awareness-raising initiatives, the identification and training of specialized neutral dispute resolution experts dedicated to video games and esports conflicts, and additional areas of mutual interest. Through the exchange of knowledge and expertise within their respective realms, both organizations aim to bolster the collaboration’s effectiveness, striving for the optimal and equitable resolution of disputes in the realms of esports and video games.

Mr. Marco M. Alemán, Assistant Director General, who is leading the IP and Innovation Ecosystems Sector at WIPO, said:

At WIPO, we recognize the growing importance of ADR mechanisms in emerging sectors like videogames and esports. Our collaboration with ESIC signifies a commitment to providing the necessary infrastructure for fair and efficient dispute resolution within the video game industry and esports community. 

Stephen Hanna, Chief Executive Officer of ESIC, said:

This collaboration with WIPO marks the start of an unprecedented program of work for the global esports and video games industries. We are looking forward to collaborating to build new standards for integrity, dispute resolution, and IP protection in esports and video games. This initiative is a monumental step forward, reflective of our commitment to innovation and the long-term health of the global ecosystem.