WiseGaming – iGaming Reviews by TheGamblest

WiseGaming – iGaming Reviews by TheGamblest

For the first edition of TheGamblest’s B2B review series, we have prepared a thorough review of WiseGaming, an iGaming aggregator and platform developer, going through all of the relevant and commonly asked questions by iGaming operators.

WiseGaming is an iGaming developer offering a fully-featured suite of services that includes everything you may need to start your own gambling business. It develops everything from turnkey and white label iGaming platforms to websites and user interfaces. The firm has aggregated over 10 thousand games and integrated over 120 thousand monthly matches into its platforms, helping it deliver experiences suitable for vast international audiences. In this article, we will check out WiseGaming’s offerings and explore how they can improve your gambling or sports wagering business.

WiseGaming’s Main Offerings

WiseGaming’s main specialization is in the development of turnkey and white label platforms for both sportsbooks and casinos, as well as the development of its own modular API. Let’s take a deeper look, starting with its turnkey sportsbook platform.

Turnkey Sportsbook Platform

Turnkey gambling platforms offer operators a convenient way to add a rich catalog of content to their websites, and WiseGaming’s sportsbook-tailored offering includes an immense amount of wagering opportunities for players with its list of over 120 thousand events per month from over 90 sports and eSports. This includes both live and pre-match betting options and covers over 100 championships across over 3000 wagering markets, further diversifying the provider’s offering. The WiseGaming sportsbook platform can be seamlessly integrated for use on both the online and retail verticals, allowing operators to create top-notch omnichannel solutions. Its extensive lists of supported currencies and languages also make it an excellent choice for international bookmakers.

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Turnkey iGaming Platform

The firm’s iGaming platform offers a similarly diverse product with over 10 thousand aggregated games. This includes slots, skill games, live dealer titles, table games, and virtual sports developed by some of the sector’s top studios. Just like its sportsbook offering, WiseGaming’s iGaming platform features an excellent degree of flexibility and is available on both retail and online verticals. The platform supports all of the same languages and currencies as the sportsbook offering, making it a great option for international casinos.

White Label Platform

White label platforms are more feature-rich than their turnkey counterparts and offer operators a single interface that can be used to start a brand-new gambling operation from scratch. WiseGaming’s white label offering combines the expansive and diverse catalogs of both of its turnkey platforms to deliver a fully-featured solution that will appeal to wide international audiences. Its immense list of content, combined with top-notch auxiliary services creates an excellent set of solutions for new operators looking to jumpstart their businesses.


  • Payment methods
  • Risk management
  • Hosting services
  • Customer relations management
  • Website building


Through the developer’s Application Programming Interface, clients can integrate WiseGaming’s gambling and sports wagering solutions one by one. Many services, such as the firm’s sports betting odds feed and casino engine can be implemented seamlessly. It features a high degree of modularity and customizability, however, for operators looking to achieve an even more fully-featured result with a higher degree of flexibility, WiseGaming offers a specialized Swarm API and a free and open-source front-end development solution.


  • Modularity
  • Seamless integration
  • Open-source front-end solution
  • Sports odds feed integration
  • Casino platform integration

Overview of Auxiliary Offerings

Apart from its main platforms and APIs, WiseGaming also offers a number of secondary services and products which clients can acquire either standalone or as a part of the firm’s larger solutions.

  • Risk and Fraud Management
  • Regulation and Licensing
  • Hosting
  • Website Building
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Support and Consultation

Market Availability

Licenses: Curacao

WiseGaming’s offerings are certified with a license from Curacao, allowing clients to implement them in numerous international markets. Several of the firm’s services, however, are available worldwide and aren’t subject to gambling licenses, such as its web hosting and website building solutions.

wisegaming jurisdictions

How to Get in Touch

To start working with the developer and integrate its offerings you can contact WiseGaming either on its official website or through LinkedIn. You can also send the company an email at info@wisegaming.com and its support team will be in touch in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions about WiseGaming

What types of games does WiseGaming offer?

WiseGaming offers pretty much every type of game available out there, including slots, table games, live dealer titles, skill games, and more.

When was WiseGaming established?

WiseGaming has been on the market since 2022.

Do WiseGaming’s titles offer bonuses and free spins?

Yes, as WiseGaming aggregates games developed by some of the industry’s best developers, the vast majority of their games can be integrated with various bonuses and promotional campaigns.

Where is WiseGaming headquartered?

WiseGaming is registered in Curacao.


WiseGaming is an iGaming developer that can deliver the vast majority of the solutions required to run a successful operating business. Its solutions will attract a varied audience of players, helping you diversify your earnings. Contact the company and set up a collaboration today.


Offering a vast catalog of solutions, WiseGaming is a leading B2B provider. The firm’s turnkey and white label solutions allow its operator partners to grow their gambling or sports wagering bus...