WorldMatch enters into partnership with EGT Digital

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WorldMatch enters into partnership with EGT Digital

WorldMatch and EGT Digital have joined forces in a strategic companionship, leveraging the latter’s crucial platform to effectively distribute WorldMatch’s sought-after titles across a diverse network of casinos.

This deal is strategically aimed at enlarging WorldMatch’s presence in the Bulgarian market while also discovering more chances in different international markets. The robust platform provided by EGT Digital aligns smoothly with WorldMatch’s devotion to providing users worldwide with sought-after gaming experiences.

The Head of Sales at WorldMatch, Xhuljana Demerxhiu mentioned:

The establishment of a well-planned companionship represents a momentous achievement for WorldMatch. Our initial foray into Bulgaria alongside InBet serves as the starting point for a promising journey. Our team is enthusiastic about the prospects of not only broadening our footprint in Bulgaria but also venturing into new markets, aiming to offer players a rich and captivating gaming experience.

The Deputy Chief Executive of EGT Digital, Georgi Mihaylov commented:

Providing casinos on our X-Nave platform with compelling and modern content is paramount for us, and WorldMatch’s games align perfectly with the preferences of our customers. We are more than sure that our partnership will make better the gaming practice for users, bringing forth a fresh standard of fun.

Through this deal, WorldMatch anticipates not only strengthening its distribution capabilities but also establishing connections with a wider player base by tapping into EGT Digital’s huge network of casinos.

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