Wyoming skips online casino legislation

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Wyoming skips online casino legislation

Wyoming has opted not to pursue the legalization of online casinos in the ongoing legislative session.

The decision came through a House vote, where representatives opposed engaging in igaming legislation with a count of 25-36-1. The proposal needed a minimum of 42 affirmative votes to proceed.

Introduced by Jon Conrad, Robert Davis, and colleagues, House Bill 120 aimed to authorize the state’s Gaming Commission to grant up to five interactive gaming operator permits.

Ahead of the vote, Davis said:

This bill does several important things. It begins to eradicate the illegal iGaming market right here in Wyoming. That activity is taking place without any protections for our citizens who are playing these games. … If we can install the guardrails to do this, it will roll out just like our sports wagering has.

According to the newly suggested legislation, operators would need to submit an initial $100,000 fee for a permit.