Xtremepush announces collaboration with Nexiux Solutions

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Xtremepush announces collaboration with Nexiux Solutions

Nexiux Solutions has recently added Xtremepush as one of their partners.

The leading player engagement and acquisition company Xtremepush has recently partnered with the iGaming technology firm Nexiux Solutions.

The new agreement will allow the technology provider’s customers to utilize Xtremepush’s leading engagement tools, such as personalized messaging and communications to boost their player retention statistics. Combining Real-time communications with data will result in another helpful set of tools that Nexiux will be able to utilize to create specialized messaging campaigns.

Furthermore, the technology developer’s products will allow clients to create specially tailored experiences for their user base, which will increase their retention, decrease their churn and ultimately increase yield.

This collaboration will enhance our offerings even further, making them stand out from the competition. It is our aim to constantly improve our services and deliver the absolute best to our customers through our modular platform, and working with Xtremepush is going to give us a great boost to achieve those strategic goals.

stated the lead of products at Nexiux Solutions, Rob Verdia.

We have quite a bit of experience working with clients in the online sports betting and gambling industry, which has given us a lot of time to refine our offerings and specifically tailor them to our iGaming associates. We are delighted to be working with Nexiux, and are looking forward to utilizing our customer relations and engagement expertise to improve their products even further.

said the principal of partnerships at Xtremepush, Robbie Sexton.

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