ZEAL releases content in Germany

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ZEAL releases content in Germany

ZEAL has successfully launched its gaming content in Germany, making them accessible to players through the its subsidiary – LOTTO24 AG.

With ZEAL’s established reputation for quality and commitment to security, users can enjoy reliable playability. The authorization was acquired in April 2023.

Leveraging their extensive global practice in online games, ZEAL has entered the German market segment with confidence. Furthermore, their sister company, namely ZEAL Instant Games has already been providing its library to autonomous vendors. To steadily upgrade their selection of titles, ZEAL has big intentions; they hope to have two hundred titles accessible by the end of this year.

The Chief Executive of ZEAL, Helmut Becker mentioned:

Obtaining the German gambling license has opened up exciting opportunities for us to bring innovative and unique playability. Our steadfast contributions in this business venture are finally yielding positive results. While ZEAL’s primary goal is on online lottery brokerage, the addition of casino games introduces a new product line that we anticipate will gain significant traction in no time.

ZEAL Instant Games’ Managing Director, Julian Tietz remarked:

Gambling addiction is a risk that we acknowledge and take seriously. Our chief purpose is to deliver the finest criteria of licit and secure gaming, whether it be through lotteries or online games. To ensure this, we surpass regulatory obligations in the realm of online games and employ cutting-edge AI-based technologies, among other strategies, to enhance safety measures for our users. Through all of this, we hope to maintain the highest criteria of ethical gambling and put our client’s state first.

ZEAL prides itself on being a trailblazer in the realm of user safety. By using its enticing selection of games, ZEAL actively contributes to leading German audiences toward the authorized market. By suggesting an appealing array of options, ZEAL not only ensures an enjoyable gaming experience but also promotes responsible and regulated gambling practices.