Abios started partnership with UK-based Dragoni bookmaker

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Abios started partnership with UK-based Dragoni bookmaker

Abios, a company under the ownership of Kambi Group, has recently secured a partnership with Dragoni, an esports bookmaker based in the UK.

As part of this deal, Abios will be bringing an odds feed to power Dragoni’s new sportsbook and esports platform, targeting enthusiasts directly.

The biggest esports clubs and competitions in the wellknown video game CounterStrike: Global Offensive are now fully covered on Dragoni’s website, where Abios will provide access to odds.

Furthermore, Abios will enhance the fan experience by providing widgets. Those will enable enthusiasts to not only watch the matches but also view detailed pregame and inplay statistics, making the overall wagering and viewing experience more engaging and interactive.

Mark Cole, Chief Executive of Dragoni, mentioned:

Through this partnership, we affirm our dedication to delivering a premier esports wagering practice to our players. By harnessing Abioscuttingedge data solutions, we have a goal to elevate our platform to new heights, offering enriched opportunities that will give our players accurate and reliable data. We want to deliver seamless and engaging wagering space, where our users can make wellinformed decisions with confidence, enjoying every aspect of their esports journey to the fullest.

In addition to the odds feed provided by Abios, Dragoni’s sportsbook and esports platform offers an extensive database of statistics from various tourneys, ranging from largescale events to smaller competitions. This database is a treasure trove of information, encompassing tournament brackets, user statistics, and even map win prices for teams. With such a soughtafter suggestion, fans and bettors alike can access indepth insights and data to make wellinformed decisions on their favorite esports events.

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